n. (pronouncer: mᾱl- äNzh’ )

1. English: a mixture of disparate components or a motley assortment of things [from Old French noun meslance from             infinitive mêler meaning “to mix”].  Similar derivation to mêlée or meddle.

Example: “A storyteller’s blog covering a delightful mélange of amazing adventures,  dynamite discoveries, and titillating topics.”

2. Geology: a totally disordered mixture of rocks from different shapes, sizes, ages, and origins

Synonyms: amalgam, conglomeration, hash, mishmash, ragbag, smorgasbord; admixture, cento, commixture,
farrago, gallimaufry, hotchpotch, oddments, olio, omnium-gatherum, pastiche, salmagundi

Blog Eytomology: High school newspaper column, circa mid-‘70s (aka the Dark Ages )


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