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It’s Time!

What do you learn from a life cycle? Answer the question only after you learn what my most recent life cycle included: three family deaths, one air ambulance ride, six ground ambulance trips, four surgeries, and ten hospital stays. All in 31 months. Expand the timeline to five years, toss in two dog deaths and […]

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Running Late: a Novel Way to Leap

This Leap Day, I want to change my name. I choose “Running Late.” It’s an apt moniker for a middle-aged demi-goddess who can’t quite get anywhere on time.  Besides, as a lover of everything Native American, the name might gain me entrée into a hip tribe. I once blamed my time-arrival deficit on a decade’s […]

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He’s baaaaack!

It was 4:06 a.m., January 27, 2004. An old man whispered in my ear. “Get a piece of paper and a pen,” the voice spoke with an eerie confidence and calm. “Write down everything I say.” I lay still in bed but closed my eyelids tight, as if to ward off this rude intrusion into […]

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