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Writer, novelist, essayist, and poet; collage artist working with found items, clips, images,and bright colors; former print and broadcast journalist, crisis communications professional and trainer; wife, stepmother, grandmother, canine mother, daughter, sister; rock.

Play Time: Required by Writers & Anyone 50+

We writers don’t play enough. Neither does anyone over age 50. My prescription? Locate your nearest park. Go. Play.  Who says these places are Kids Only? Be sure to bring only one thing: your long-buried child. Let her (or him) climb the playground equipment. Dare to move higher than a foot off the ground (provided […]

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It’s Time!

What do you learn from a life cycle? Answer the question only after you learn what my most recent life cycle included: three family deaths, one air ambulance ride, six ground ambulance trips, four surgeries, and ten hospital stays. All in 31 months. Expand the timeline to five years, toss in two dog deaths and […]

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Two Years Later…

and it’s still a rebuild mode. This time, it’s a hinky angiogram that demands a second look by the main man neuro doc. I think, “aren’t we done yet?” I’ve got books to write, a life to live, and things to do, for cryin’ out loud! Sometimes, it’s not waiting anymore. It’s doing that matters. […]

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18 Months Later, We Start Anew

Has it really been 18 months today since my life changed forever? Yes. And I’m done with these anniversaries. It takes this long to say “I’m over it” — a ruptured brain aneurysm. At least I can write those words myself. A near-majority (49%) of its victims don’t survive a day in a hospital; of […]

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Thriving, Post-Ruptured Brain Aneurysm

Despite proverbial good intentions otherwise, today marks four months since I’ve written a single word, much less posted anything here or anywhere else. No, posting on Twitter with its 140 characters-a-message doesn’t count as “real writing.” My disappearing act reflects the life-real consequence of a major health crisis. To wit, today marks precisely seven months […]

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No Blogging when your Brain says “Hello!”

Today marks three months since my last blog posting. You yawn and say, “who cares?” then cite statistics about how most of the 175 million blogs on the web go inactive in less time than that. How about what happened a month later, I volley back with a description of the previously-unknown aneurysm rupturing in my […]

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Running Late: a Novel Way to Leap

This Leap Day, I want to change my name. I choose “Running Late.” It’s an apt moniker for a middle-aged demi-goddess who can’t quite get anywhere on time.  Besides, as a lover of everything Native American, the name might gain me entrée into a hip tribe. I once blamed my time-arrival deficit on a decade’s […]

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He’s baaaaack!

It was 4:06 a.m., January 27, 2004. An old man whispered in my ear. “Get a piece of paper and a pen,” the voice spoke with an eerie confidence and calm. “Write down everything I say.” I lay still in bed but closed my eyelids tight, as if to ward off this rude intrusion into […]

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Oh, Go Mask Yourself!

My eyes spied the big, black, bold numbers printed below the words “Pay this Amount:” $1,778.00. My jaw dropped. “Excuse me?” I roared into the silence of my kitchen, “they bill me nearly double what they promised the sleep apnea test would cost?” I threw the bill onto the countertop. With my left hand, I […]

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For months, the call to blog has screamed at me. I kept stalling, hoping the technology would perhaps change and thus the need to be present here would vanish. Alas, no such luck. So it was that a few weeks ago, I promised myself and someone else that today-August 9th, a personally significant day in […]

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