Pilin’ On: EEK and Double EEK!

Only days ago, I crowed about completing a major paper organization for my Work In Progress. That effort moved from this:

Three Years of Novel Materials

To a month later, this:



I dodged truth-in-advertising by playing shut-eye with the other paper stacks still accumulating for another pair of projects. So here goes: pictures of looming stacks for those:

Where did these babies come from?

Guess what? There’s piles in three more rooms:

WIP 3 beckons...

And one more time:

Next WIP: Brain Power!

Oops, don’t forget the studio closet:

Double EEKEEK!

This all makes for a combined 16 stacks of wild and unruly paper in four places around my abode. Now you know why I played shut-eye with you (and myself) about ALL of these paper monsters. (For all you kids out there: don’t build your novels my way!)

Actually, there’s a reason—a really good one—why so much paper made babies around my house. Scroll back a blog entry or two and you’ll find it.

But, excuses aside, the learnings of the past six weeks reveal my new truth: by conquering the one highly visible and monstrous four-stacker for my WIP, I learned I can do this silly paper-sorting work. And it feels so big, even now.

Ninety minutes a day of action—consistent and sustained across even a small period of time-on your WIP will yield mind-boggling, accumulated progress. Even if it appears to be a minor task compared to the rest of your WIP.

The same truism applies whether it’s papers you’re filing, books you’re sorting, or even pencil erasers and paper clips you’re storing.

This enlightening discovery does feel a bit like a major “well duh, child!” moment. Be that as it may. It still works: a little bit every day till it’s done.

So, I’m back to paper tackling come June 1st. I’ll sort the five stacker next month then it’s the Brain pile after Independence Day before I tackle the window sill during August dog days. The studio closet comes next fall.

I can’t wait! Actually I can, but recovery and procrastination days are over.

It’s time to complete the dirty deeds of paper sorting.

After all, it’s my year of completion.

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