18 Months Later, We Start Anew

Has it really been 18 months today since my life changed forever?


And I’m done with these anniversaries. It takes this long to say “I’m over it” — a ruptured brain aneurysm. At least I can write those words myself. A near-majority (49%) of its victims don’t survive a day in a hospital; of those who do, two-thirds never work again.

I’m thrilled to be here, working. Writing.

Bear with me as I struggle to embrace all of this, make it happen somehow. It’s harder than it looks.

Truth is this recent journey includes a much longer time, 32 months, bookended by the tragic suicide of a beloved nephew in December, 2010, and fast forwarded to the slow passing of a gentle mother in July, 2013.

Be they unexpected or awaited, these losses add up to a life experiencing tremendous transformation. Figuring it all out and moving forward is merely the last leg.

But I’m posting again and that’s a step forward. More coming, monthly, from here.

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